Curious question
I have watched most of the pokemon movie my favorite would be pokemon 2000 the power of one I been on ebay and I notice a pokemon movie art book I don't know what it is ... I thought maybe is colouring book or illustration of the movie so I don't know I was wonder if any one have this book can they explain what it is also if it is a illustration of the movie I want to know how amazing is the art work?

To be honest I never seen it until now just curious to be honest when it say art book it may be some colouring book! But I maybe wrong lol

hey you pokemon lovers!
Originally posted by lonewolf900at hey you pokemon lovers!
this pass few years i been trying to find a pokemon messengers bag and i look hard and wide but couldn't find the one i wanted so this pass months i decided heck why dont i make a design that i wanted! So i bought a laptop bag nothing fancy and i started designing it of what i wanted i bought a canvas cloth and draw it and etc

 the sketch   

the painted

the bag
the strap                                close up



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